Current Students

Student Testimony

My studying experience as an Electrical Engineering student at President University give me a huge chance to enhance the way I think, skills, development, and gained many multiple disciplines in Electrical Engineering.

I’m glad that I choose President University, It’s a place where you’re never far from opportunity or experience.

~Al Inhu Aghnia Sang – EE’13

Personally speaking, I am really grateful for the journey which I had in President University. The positivity inside the campus has encouraged many of my friends to not only triumph on education but also on many other scopes outside the university. As an Electrical Engineering graduate, I can proudly state that the courses had supported my job necessities which enables me to become a strong competitor in this global industry.

~Billy Bachtiar G. – EE’13

While I was in the department of electrical engineering at President University I have gained the experiences and lessons that are very interesting to me. Here, I can develop unlimited creativity, embrace my sense of curiosity to have deeper knowledge, and also gain motivation to act more by joining the electrical club activity.

For you who want to learn and boost the curiosity and great creativity, enroll now!

~Riano Purba – EE’14

People think that electrical engineering is one of the hardest major to study. But I personally think that it depends on how big is our effort to learn the subject.

As the student of electrical engineering in president university, I feel very proud because this university provides a qualified lecture and also the facility that we can use anytime. I’ve got many experiences from this university.

~Maulidya Utami S. – EE’15

My experience as an Electrical Engineering student at President University has changed and developed my skill, my mindset and other soft skill as an electrician engineer.

I feel blessed that I choose President University, it is a perfect place to have both opportunity and experience to grow and become a great engineer.

~Rudy Tiara – EE’15

Electrical engineering is one of the best departments in the President University.  All of the lectures have earned their graduate degrees abroad. All of them have stories that really inspire me to study abroad and always make me eager to learn more. Their laboratories are sufficiently competent so we can learn theoretical and practical electricity. I am very proud to study here.

~Andre Muslim – EE’16

I am proud to be a part of electrical engineering student at President University. The international learning environment is an amazing experience. Here, student can learn not only the theoretical science, but also the practical business. so that graduates are able to compete globally.

~Jerzy M.H. – EE’16