KUKA College visited President University


On March 8th 2017, KUKA College visited Electrical Engineering, President University. The purpose of this visit was to present the latest KUKA technology to President University. At the same time, KUKA College would like to encourage Electrical Engineering of President University to start teaching the advance robotic class as those of many universities in Malaysia. In fact, many of Malaysia’s national universities have utilized KUKA’s product in their robotic course.

The robot that was introduced in the presentation of KUKA College was their symbolic robotic arm, in which they believed that they were the leading company in that field. With their latest innovation, KUKA successfully developed a robotic arm, for the purpose of industrial automation, which has a great sensitivity level to human touch. In the video that was given by KUKA in that meeting, human can work safely together with the robot in industry by making the robot stop of working in just a soft touch to the robot’s arm.

The innovation was not just limited on that, KUKA also presented that their robot could be controlled with their customized tab. This innovation makes the robot’s system looks smarter and more modern, in terms of customer demand to the modern control.

In the end of the presentation, KUKA College encourage the Electrical Engineering of President University to have one unit of their latest robot, such that it could be used to train students of electrical engineering, and prepare them the modern industrial automation control to face the global economy