Antonius Suhartomo, M.Eng.Sc., M.M., Ph.D.


Head of Study Program

Room A312
President University
Jl Ki Hajar Dewantara, Jababeka Education Park
Cikarang, West Java, 17550, Indonesia

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, 2007
M.M. in Marketing, Bandung Graduate School of Management (now: Telkom University), Bandung, Indonesia, 1994
M.Eng.Sc. in Optical-electronic & Laser Application, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1993
B.Sc. in Physics, University of North Sumatera, Medan, Indonesia, 1984


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Research Interests

  1. Network Telecommunications Using Graph Theory
  2. Fiber Optic Communication
  3. Wireless, Antenna and Propagation


  1. Probability System Analysis for EE (MAT07306)
  2. Linear Circuit Analysis I – II for EE (EEN3302 – EEN04106)
  3. Electric Circuit Design and Analysis for EE (EEN05309)
  4. Fiber Optics Communication (EEN13373)
  5. Microwave Circuits and Systems (EEN13433)
  6. Transmission Lines (EEN13393)



  1. Timothy Nathaniel Halim: “Digital Clock With Speech Recognition” (23 June 2010)
  2. Suryadi Tri Dharma: “Simulating and Constructing Analog PID Controller in Order To Model and Control The Speed of DC Motor” (14 July 2010)
  3. Andrian Pratama: “The Implementation of Fuzzy Logic in Smart Traffict Light System” (29 September 2010)


  1. Arief Sanjaya: “Creating An Automatic Screw Counting Using Arduino Mega 2560 Microccontroller” (17 February 2012)
  2. Ricardo Sebastian: “Biscuit Counter System With Arduino Mega 2560” (16 March 2012)


  1. Nicolas Joy: “Digital Lock System With Built in Camera” (1 March 2013)
  2. Bagus Dwijatmika: “AT89S52 Based Exhaust Fan Controller Based On Sensor Reading Using Phase Firing Angle Method” (26 April 2013)


  1. Alexander William S.P.: “Performance Evaluation of HWMP and OLSR Protocols in Wireless Mesh Network Using Network Simulator Version 3” (30 January 2014)
  2. Achmad Feisal Anshari: “Simple Maze Escaper Robot The Turmice” (21 February 2014)
  3. Muhamad Arif Azizi Assyadzili: “Evaluation of X2 – Handover Based on RSRQ Measurement with LTE Scheduler Using Network Simulator Version 3” (6 March 2014)


  1. Yoshua Kevin Caesaro: “Electrical Contactless Socket witch Controlled Using LDR” (15 April 2015)


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