Communication system

Communication system

Rapid and high needs of telecommunication among people in their daily life have been triggering  significant fast development of telecommunication technology. Role of telecommunication technology designed in communications engineering  is factually needed to communicate information among users within communication networks. Indeed, this track of communications engineering addresses the issues related to wired communications, wireless communications, communications networks, and the role of computers in communications. Objectives of synthesis signals, and transfer the signals (information) from one or many sources to a destination or many destinations will be learned in this discipline. This focus area  covers fundamental knowledge of analog or digital signals,  transmission of analog or digital signals (modulation, coding, demodulation), transmitters, receivers, filters, transmission media, mathematical analysis of deterministic and random signals, analog-to-digital conversion, analog/digital communications, antennas, mobile communications & networks, satellite communications, and radar & navigation. Moreover, concept and implementation of computer networks, embedded systems for communications will be the included in the learning process of this focus area in depth. Theory and practical works will be combined together to cope the knowledge and the realization of the knowledge in this concentration.

Potential Job Opportunities

Radio Communications Engineer:

Telecommunications operator, such as Telkomsel, Excelcomindo, Indosat; PT. Citra Sari Makmur; PT. Aplikanusa Lintasarta; Schlumberger, etc.

Computer Networks Engineer:

Cisco, Juniper, Oil & Gas Companies : Chevron, Total E&P, Pertamina, etc.

Radar Communications Engineer:

Indonesian Navy, Indonesian Air Force, PT. Telkom, PT. Garuda Indonesia, etc.

Satellite Communications Engineer:

Pasifik Satelit Nusantara, PT. Telkom, etc.

Wired (Fiber-Optic) Communications Engineer:

Telkom, PT. and provider of fiber-optic-based telelcommunications networks

Embedded Systems for Telecommunications Engineer:

Telecommunications operator, such as PT. Telkom, PT. Oberthur Technologies, etc.

Digital Logic in Telecommunications Designer:

Enterprises developing IC in the field of telecommunications such as Huawei, Intel, AMD, etc.