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Electrical Engineering deals with the invention, design, development and applications of electrical and electronics systems, components and devices. This study program is primarily involved with the tasks of generation, transmission, processing, and storage of information or power carried by electric signals.

Electrical Engineering combines the fields of science and technology to maintain many modern day products. It provides grounds for many developments, ranging from small size microcomputer, through machine control and digital communications, up to development of very large power generators and transmission lines.

In President University, the Study Program of Electrical Engineering provides you the concentrations of Control, Telecommunication, and Power. Experienced lecturers are willing to share their knowledge and experience to you. The discipline of Electrical Engineering is grounded in the science and in mathematics. If want to take the challenge of how to use them to answer the problems in the society through technology, then this Study Program of Electrical Engineering is the right one for you. You will be at the very forefront of technological innovation.